Welcome To A Perfect Golf Swing
Welcome To A Perfect Golf Swing
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WristWatcher™ : Testimonials

"As a golf instructor, and a player, I find the WristWatcher to be very helpful. So many golfers tend to break down their front wrist through impact. The WristWatcher eliminates that. It has taken so much time off of teaching beginners to understand this concept.
I have seen a huge difference around the green. The golfer has a much easier time chipping the ball and getting it close to the hole. The WristWatcher allows the arms and golf club to swing through versus the arms stopping and the wrist braking down.


For the better golfer, the WristWatcher is a great training aid especially for the full swing. It helps control the trajectory of the golf shot. Now, the golfer can hit more solid shots and control the ball with any wind conditions because the front wrist is now stable and not breaking down. For my own ball striking, I have seen a remarkable difference.

Regardless of the golfer's ability, the WristWatcher will completely enhance their ball striking ability and improve their game."


Susie Corona, Asst Dir. of Instruction, Desert Mountain Golf Club




"As a teaching professional, we are always searching for ways to relate to our students in the most productive manner. The Wrist Watcher has provided me with a tool that allows the student to feel the proper position of the wrists through the swing. This is a physical tool and provides quick results because it only allows certain motion in the wrists. If you want to make the game more rewarding, try this product. Wear the glove, feel the difference and play better golf."


Mitch Burr, Pro, Las Sendas Golf Course, Mesa, AZ





"I love the WristWatcher. The WristWatcher has taken 15 strokes off my game. I love it!"


Chadd Goosmann, Sioux City, IA